ECO-SAFE Wastewater Technologies is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of Norweco Singulair (residential) and Modulair (commercial, industrial or small municipal) wastewater treatment systems in Central Texas.

Using precast concrete components, installations are completed efficiently and cost-effectively. Norweco designed systems have been operating across the United States for over 30 years and are based on proven Extended Aeration treatment technology that has been used throughout North America.

Norweco Singulair

State-of-the-Art Singulair System

The Singulair plant quietly, efficiently and automatically treats all incoming wastewater in just twenty-four hours. Incorporating the most up-to-date technology, the system reduces all domestic wastewater to a clear, odorless liquid.

The Singulair plant employs the extended aeration process, similar to the treatment method used by most municipal wastewater facilities. This process involves a natural, biological breakdown of the organic matter in the wastewater. Once complete treatment has been accomplished, a stabilized effluent is safely returned to the environment.

The Singulair system is a trouble-free answer to wastewater disposal. It contributes to property value and insures a safe, sanitary home environment.

The Singulair plant is the only onsite wastewater treatment system performance certified and fully listed by NSF International and Canadian Standards Association.

The Singulair system complies with U.S. EPA guidelines and meets all requirements of NSF Standard 40. These certifications insure that the Singulair system will reliably protect you, your family and the environment.


  • Single tank design
  • Only NSF standard 40 approved unit with time operation
  • 6/10 effluent quality
  • BOD5 – 6 mg/L
  • TSS – 10 mg/L
  • Local distributors for sales and service
  • No submerged motors, diffusers or plumbing
  • 1725 RPM motor/high torque
  • Built in flow equalization
  • Bio-kinetic system for tertiary treatment
  • Built in chlorination-dechlorination
  • 50-year warranty and exchange program
  • Two year limited warranty on all electromechanical components
  • Simple controls with tamper evident seal
  • Patented bio-static sludge return


  • Reduced installation cost
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Exceeds NSF Standard 40 and USEPA Secondary limits
  • Significant reduction in pollutant load
  • All components easily accessible from grade
  • Extended bearing and motor life with no reduction in performance
  • Controlled peak hydraulic flow conditions
  • Assured consistent effluent quality
  • Reduced operating cost to homeowner and longer unit life
  • Easy to service and trouble shoot
  • Best overall value in the market
  • Variety of discharge options (direct, wetlands, subsurface, irrigation)

Norweco Warranty LogoBacked by our Exclusive Fifty Year Warranty and Exchange Program

The Singulair aerator enjoys the distinction of being the only aerator on the market today backed by a fifty year warranty and exchange program.

Norweco warrants each aerator, control center and Bio-Kinetic system to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of two years. The exchange program offers an additional forty-eight years of protection. Aerators up to fifty years of age may be exchanged at a prorated cost. A comprehensive Owner’s Manual is supplied with each system and provides a complete description of operation and maintenance. To insure proper operation, semi-annual service inspections for the first two years of system operation are included in the original purchase price of the Singulair system.

Warranty:  ECO-SAFE Wastewater Technologies warrants each system installed by us for a period of two years. This includes parts and labor.  This does not cover system if it has been altered or added onto from the original installation (i.e.  tank, pump, etc.) purchased from Hurt’s Wastewater Management are covered by the warranty. Any other components and labor would have to be covered by the installer. This warranty does not cover components which were not  properly installed by others, and does not cover damage to the system from abuse or neglect.

Note:  A properly designed on-site sewerage facility, properly constructed in a suitable soil, can malfunction if the amount of water it is required to dispose of is not controlled. It will be the responsibility of the owner to maintain and operate the facility in a satisfactory manner. The proper performance of an on-site sewerage facility cannot be guaranteed, even licensing authority shall indicate only that the facility meets minimum requirements and does not relieve the owner of the property from complying with County, State and Federal regulations. On-site sewerage facilities, although approved as meeting minimum standards, must be upgraded by the owner, at the owner’s expense, if the owner’s operation of the facility results in objectionable odors, if unsanitary conditions are created, if pollution or nuisance conditions are threatened or occur, or if the facility when used does not comply with governmental regulations.