We are proud to be the Central Texas premier Wastewater Specialist. We are customer focused, quality driven and serving Texans for over 30 years. ECO-SAFE Wastewater Technologies is a licensed manufacturer and distributor of Norweco Modulair and Singulair wastewater treatment systems in Central Texas.

ECO SAFE Wastewater Technologies is a cradle to grave septic system provider using precast concrete components, installations are completed efficiently and cost-effectively. We will evaluate your lot to determine what type of septic system is best for your soil conditions, topography, and lot size.

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The First Step

There are three basic types of septic systems: conventional gravity flow, low pressure dosing or LPD, and aerobic treatment systems. The first step is to perform a soil evaluation by digging profile holes with a backhoe above and below the proposed septic field area. Determining the soil, slope, and house size dictates the best type of septic system for your lot.

Our Services Include

  • New Septic Design and Installation
  • Aerobic Treatment Unit Installation and Maintenance
  • Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Wastewater Problems
  • Tank Lids/Risers Repairs and Replacement (Standard or Traffic-Rated)
  • Tank Abandonments, Replacements, Repairs and Installation
  • Permits and Designs
  • Drain Field System Repairs and Installation

ECO SAFE installation 1

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