The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires that aerobic treatment units have a maintenance contract/provider to routinely inspect your system. This contract is designed to protect you, your neighbors and the environment from untreated wastewater being disposed of onto your lawn. The state (T.C.E.Q.) requires a minimum of 3 inspections per year. The inspections are generally conducted on months 4, 8 and 12, from the contract start date.

ECO SAFE Maintenance Van

ECO SAFE Wastewater Technologies offers one and two year maintenance service contracts for aerobic systems.

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Our service technicians are highly trained to service most types of aerobic treatment units. We strive to maintain quality service at the time of each of our routine inspections. ECO SAFE Wastewater Technologies is dedicated to helping and teaching our customers to be the owners of a well maintained septic system.

We electronically file all necessary reports with the appropriate county or city after each inspection for your convenience, as well as, send electronic copies for your records.

Expenses associated with repairs, chlorine, and pumping (when required) are the responsibility of the homeowner and are not covered under the guidelines of the service agreement — additional service calls outside the regular inspection months will be accessed a service call fee.

Click below to view a sample of our maintenance contract in PDF Format.
ECO SAFE Wastewater Technologies Maintenance Contract

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ECO SAFE Pumping 1