A properly maintained septic tank is crucial to its longevity. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” does not apply to your septic system. We understand that it’s easy to forget about your system since it’s underground, but just as your car needs routine maintenance to keep it in good working order, your septic system needs routine pumping and visual inspection. Our service includes a visual inspection and water test so we can alert you to any potential problems. To help you keep on track with your service, a reminder postcard or e-mail is sent when service is coming due. We’re a full-service provider, able to handle whatever may come up with your septic system, from repairs to upgrades to new system installation.

Understanding and Caring for your Septic Tank System

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Pump system every 3 years. Pumping of the tank an average of every three years assures optimal functioning and longevity of your system. Just like you change the oil in your car’s engine every 3,000 miles to remove the sludge and dirty oil, you want to pump your septic tank every three years to keep your septic system operating at its maximum efficiency and extend the life of your septic system drain field.
Pump out your septic tank when needed. Don’t wait until you have a problem. Routine pumping is recommended in some circumstances and can prevent failures.
Never flush harmful materials into the septic tank. We advise against the flushing of baby wipes or feminine hygiene products, excessive use of bleach or your garbage disposal. However—knowing it’s sometimes difficult to do without these modern conveniences—in cases where these products are used regularly, we recommend annual pumping.